About the Artist

   I am Chylee Elaine and I am a 23 year old mixed media artist living in the Seattle area. I work with a variety of mediums and tools to create unique, one of a kind works of art. Most of my work is abstract, however I also enjoy “realistic” subjects from time to time. 

   My work is an expression of myself and my intuitive feelings. I feel the strongest connections to Galaxies, Oceans, and Rainbows— All of which are rooted in my love for nature. I have moved all of the United States, but most recently I call Seattle, WA area my home. I live here with my lovely boyfriend and our wonderful pets. I was born & partially raised in the Nashville, TN area, then moved to Montana when I was 11 & lived there for around 9 years.

   I have a background in many styles of art but I have become most well known for my abstract art creations. I love the way the color seems to splash onto the canvases almost effortlessly and how the organic nature of the paint takes over in a totally chaotic way, yet results in absolutely beautiful results. I love how I can totally relax when making artwork. It’s very satisfying to watch the creation come to life through my own hands. 

   In addition to painting I also enjoy drawing, designing, and photography. I consider myself to be a mixed media artist because I often combine different art techniques and mediums to create new styles. My goal as an artist is to be an innovator and my main strive in accomplishing that is to always produce unique, one of a kind artwork that can’t be duplicated.

   I have been an artist all of my life but it has taken me until recently to truly embrace it. I feel that I’ve always been too hard on myself and too much of a perfectionist, but abstract art is able to help me step out of that comfort zone and let go of all my performance anxieties when I’m creating. These artistic roadblocks can seem devastating at times, but I believe art should not be judged based on flaws (or judged at all for that matter) but rather art should be celebrated for the stories it tells.

   Previous to running Cosmix Studio, I have spent my time as an artist mostly in the shadows. For two years I worked as a henna body artist and it was always sad to see the art disappear but it was also an awesome experience meeting so many people and being able to put my art on their bodies. I also have taken some college classes towards a degree in Graphic Design and plan to resume that in the future. But other than that I have pretty much been a self taught artist all of my life. As a child I always enjoyed glitter, paints, crafts, rainbows, etc. and that passion is the energy I am fueling to run Cosmix Studio now. It’s a childhood dream, in the works of coming true. 

   For me art is my life. I cannot go a day without involving art in my life. I surround myself with it at home in and out of the studio, so even if I’m not working on something I’m probably thinking about working on something. But when I am creating I am engaging in my own spiritual process of which I can disconnect from the stresses of the world and tune into something that is expressive without needing thought. Through this process I feel like I can heal myself. Paint pouring has become my own form of meditation and a huge part of my life. 

   Outside of art, I am a wife to my lovely husband, Matthew, and an animal loving cat & dog mom of two adorable fur babies. When I’m feeling outdoorsy, I love a good walk through the woods or down the coastline. In the end though everything comes back to art though because the funny thing about running a small business out of your home is that you cannot escape your work. It’s always ready to be worked on.