Welcome to my journey

   This website is dedicated to my art journey. In May of 2018, I began experimenting with fluid art. The connection I felt to the process and the results left me always wanting more so I decided to share my work with the Instagram community. From there I gathered inspiration and motivation to form Cosmix Studio. A month and a half later, in July, I moved into a 2 bedroom apartment for the purpose of the second room being entirely dedicated as my Art Studio. Since then I have been working full time to hone my skills, broaden my horizons, and work towards creating my own brand and style. 

   My art is unique, one of a kind works of art. I love fluid pouring because of the organic nature of the process. For that reason, I do not duplicate. Every piece of work is as much Art as it is a science experiment. My goal as an artist is to produce art that is always innovating instead of reproducing the same designs. 

   For me art is more than just a hobby or passion. And being an artist isn’t just a job title— it’s a way of life. I used to think that being an artist meant you had to be successful, to have gained favor and popularity with people over your designs, but I now realize that being an artist is so much more than that. It’s thinking in creative ways that no one else would and it’s having the courage to try when you know you might fail. But there are no failures in art if you let go of the pressure to create what you believe other people want to see and just make for yourself. 

   For me creating art is a spiritual process of which I can disconnect from the stresses of the world and tune into something that is expressive without requiring thought. Through this process I feel like I can heal myself. Paint pouring has become my own form of meditation and a huge part of my life. I often think to myself that I can’t believe there was a point in my life only earlier this year where I didn’t know how to do this! Learning to pour has by far been my best experience in 2018. 

   There is much I am still learning about myself, being an artist, and making art. I think there will always be many lessons to learn so join me on my art journey. I will be keeping notes on myself and my process and when I can, sharing them with you.