Pride of Insanity

Pride of Insanity

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This painting was created by swirling my own blend of fluid acrylics onto the canvas and then tilting the canvas where I want the paint to move. This painting is sealed with high gloss resin to protect the finish and keep it safe for years to come along. The high-gloss resin also helps to show the beautifully vibrant colors underneath.


-Size: 8x8”

-Medium: acrylic paint, pouring medium blend, canvas, resin

-Colors: blue, black, pink, purple, silver, gold

-Original Artwork

-No Frame


By purchasing this painting you will not only receive a one of a kind, original piece of art hand crafted by myself, but you will also be helping to support a growing artist! Thank you.


**My process can be viewed on my instagram @cosmixstudio